Prelude to passage | aesop
Role | Concept, copy, production development
︎ Stay tuned, there is more work to come on this project!

Beyond the physical aspects of travel, our journeys allow us a departure from our usual thoughts, our routines, and from ourselves. To launch Aesop’s Departure and Arrival Travel Kits, we explored this inward journey on the road through Paris with photographer Romain Laprade.

Imagery and films were captured on a train, in a car, within the Gaudet House in the Alps, a residence onlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and a hotel with a view to the city. We curated a soundtrack to aurally describe reflections on the journey, and documented thoughts and discoveries through Instagram Stories.

The campaign also released a booklet on various destinations to inspire customers in Aesop stores around the globe with the prospect of travel.

Retail, print, digital and social campaign